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Deutsche Börse Group

Trades between Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Singapore using NTT Communications' Network

Deutsche Börse Group

Continuous business process operation with no emission on its network infrastructure


Arcstar Global Leased line with its infrastructure supported via a land route


Direct and secure data transaction between Germany and the APAC

Deutsche Börse Group

Director-Head of Section Infrastructure Support
Mr. Michel Girg

"In our view an important issue, besides latency periods, was that a portion of these data communications travel via the land route."

Deutsche Börse Group

Project Manager
Mr. Stephan Hoppe

"The period between ordering and service delivery was only a few weeks, and so we are very satisfied with the technology supplied by NTT Communications."


lTo lead the global electric financial market place with a reliable IT infrastructure

Deutsche Börse's product and services portfolio incorporates the entire process chain from equities and futures trading via provision of market data through to the development and operation of electronic trading systems. Prices and transactions are brokered in electronic marketplaces and minimum-latency electronic networks link financial institutions worldwide.

The driving force behind all this is information technology. To ensure that key business processes function as efficiently and free of interference as possible, the technical infrastructure has to meet the highest standards. Global coverage, performance, availability, minimum latency and an attractive cost/benefit ratio are key factors.

As far as Deutsche Börse is concerned, fail-safe, high-performance, agile systems form the essential foundation on which their IT requirements are based. These are designed to guarantee marketplace integrity and security. Those companies developing or providing premium services for/to the finance industry must ensure that they deliver secure, high-performance communication links. However, the costs of setting up and operating a proprietary communications infrastructure are often high. Infrastructure management is also very involved, given the degree of technical complexity required.

The Deutsche Börse IT team provides its N7 network as a solution for its clients. This enables it to offer all market operators in Europe, North America and Asia secure, high-capacity communication links to its marketplaces.


NTT Com's global network via the terrestrial TEA cable

In order to ensure the future of its performance capability in Asia, Deutsche Börse has enhanced its backbone, now taking in the Far East. Key criteria in relation to the selection of a service provider were global coverage, premium service quality and long-term experience in the Asia-Pacific region. One of the service providers that Deutsche Börse selected was NTT Communications, since the ICT solutions provider can provide the necessary latency and back-up capability for submarine cables to Asia via the terrestrial TEA cable.

"In our view an important issue, besides latency periods, was that a portion of these data communications travel via the land route", says Director Michel Girg, Head of Section of Infrastructure Support at Deutsche Börse.

Ultimately the coverage of the NTT Communications network and guaranteed compliance with the Service Level Agreements (SLA) were the key factors in the decision. In October 2012 representatives of both parties signed cable services contracts, which were extended for a further year at the beginning of 2014.


Direct data communication between Germany and APAC

Data services went operational in December 2012. Implementation and commissioning went smoothly. "The period between ordering and service delivery was only a few weeks, and so we are very satisfied with the technology supplied by NTT Communications", Stephan Hoppe, Project Manager at Deutsche Börse, commented.

NTT Communications has been delivering high-speed communication links between Frankfurt and Hong Kong and between Hong Kong and Singapore since the end of 2012. These networks are extremely important to Deutsche Börse, since the company views Asia as a market of the future and has already actioned local client links in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul and Taipei.


Arcstar Global Leased Line

Cost-competitive, high quality global leased line service providing outstanding operations and support.

Deutsche Börse Group

Company Profile

Name: Deutsche Börse Group

Overview: As one of the world's leading exchange organisations Deutsche Börse Group provides investors, financial institutions and companies access to global capital markets.


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