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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Arcstar Universal One

Enterprise private network

Extend your VPN with high-quality global network services offering coverage in over 190 countries/regions.


Connect anything, anywhere, anytime through our innovative enterprise network solutions.


Increase enterprise network security and improve compliance with cost effective, easy to manage cloud-based network services.



Arcstar Universal One VPN provides a one-stop shop for enterprise network services in over 190 countries/regions. Thanks to close partnerships with service providers worldwide, we can maintain high service quality worldwide, helping you stay connected around the globe.

First with SDN and NFV

We continually develop innovative services to help your business stay agile and competitive in an ever-changing market. We were the first service provider to commercialize software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) technologies on a global scale. These technologies give you greater agility and scalability, and they dramatically simplify and speed deployment of advanced network functionality.

SDN and NFV features enable you to deploy enterprise network functions such as firewall, URL filtering, application acceleration and other advanced services from our web portal, with point-and-click simplicity. Changes happen in minutes, enabling real-time, on-demand network provisioning and eliminating the need for manual device configuration at the network edge.

Local Access Quality

We are a leader in carrier management, where we are continually working with partners to enhance local access quality. We also regularly host the Arcstar Carrier Forum, an ongoing quality improvement program involving our global partners.

Award-Winning Service

Arcstar Universal One global VPN service received a the highest customer satisfaction rating from the UK marketing services firm Ocean82, Ltd. for the third time. The selection is based on predicted organic growth and overall customer satisfaction. According to Ocean82, Arcstar Universal One is the number one global provider of data VPN services, achieving the highest positioning score in the latest study of user opinion in the worldwide business enterprise market.

Integrated Global Network Services

Arcstar Universal One gives you the performance and agility you need for true global operations, in developed and developing markets. We offer layer 3 IP-based MPLS, layer 2 Ethernet-based VPLS and Internet-based VPN(DMVPN) to help you flexibly integrate your converged global networks in a full-meshed network environment.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Arcstar Universal One offers a global hybrid IP-VPN solution combining MPLS, Internet-based VPN and SSL VPN. This can eliminate the need for costly MPLS in smaller offices and temporary locations. We help you optimize network performance and improve cost-efficiency.

Easy Web-Based Management

We improve visibility and control of your global network with our web-based management portal. The portal offers:

  • Service order entry and tracking
  • Real-time network utilization reports
  • Single sign-on for all the global services
  • Trouble-ticket entry
  • Status tracking and record keeping
  • Change requests and status tracking
  • Automation and self-deployment for all NFV-enabled cloud-based network services —including application acceleration, secure web gateway and IPSEC VPN and SSL VPN gateways.

Monitoring Internet threats and enforcing security and compliance for mobile workers and remote offices is expensive, complex and difficult to manage. Cloud-based security solves these problems, without the need to deploy a central data center security gateway.

Our cloud-based secure web gateway is managed from a central web portal, giving you complete control of policy management. Internet traffic from remote offices and mobile workers is forwarded to the closest of our 50 worldwide gateways. This eliminates the potential for a single-point-of-failure and increased network latency with a central data center gateway. With a cloud-based secure web gateway, you gain consistent security and governance and remote workers get better network performance.

Features and Specifications

Arcstar Universal One Global MPLS

Arcstar Universal One Global MPLS offers Layer 3 IP-based MPLS and Layer 2 Ethernet-based VPLS providing performance, agility, security and availability for customers in both developed and developing markets in 190 countries/regions around the globe.

Arcstar Universal One Global MPLS

We offer service grades to meet a variety of needs.

  • Premium
    Premium quality and reliability, with redundant, bandwidth-guaranteed access lines. Recommended for datacenters and critical networks.

  • Business
    A highly reliable network, with bandwidth-guaranteed access line and a best-effort access line as backup. Recommended for mission-critical sites.

  • Standard
    Balancing quality and cost effectiveness, with bandwidth-guaranteed access. No backup lines provided.

  • Light
    Recommended for small offices, our low-cost plan uses best-effort access. No backup lines provided.
Cloud-Based IPSEC VPN and SSL VPN Gateways

Cloud-Based SSL VPN Gateway

The Arcstar Cloud-Based SSL VPN Gateway offers flexible, easy access for remote employees and business partners. The simple and fast-to-activate service reduces security risks by extending access only to authorized users.

Cloud-Based IPSEC VPN and SSL VPN Gateways

Use Cases

  • Remote workers who regularly work from home or travel on business.
  • Business partners who need temporary access to your network.
  • Offsite meetings and conferences that need temporary network access.
  • Short-term branch offices that need temporary remote access from project sites, test sites, event booths and any other short- to mid-term branch offices.
  • Temporary remote access during business continuity events (BCP).

Cloud-Based IPSEC VPN Gateway

The Arcstar Cloud-Based IPSEC VPN Gateway is a WAN-as-a-Service solution that is provisioned in minutes. The route-based IPSEC tunnel simplifies network configuration and offers the high-performance connectivity of MPLS, but with costs comparable to a managed service.

Use Cases

  • WAN-as-a-Service: building a secure network using the existing Internet access and customer premises equipment (CPE).
  • Opening up temporary network access to business partners and contractors.
  • Securely connecting to Internet-hosted third-party cloud services.

Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateway

The Arcstar Universal One Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateway simplifies branch office Internet networking as it requires no extra access-lines, no extra devices and no local IT staff. The service forwards remote office Internet traffic to the nearest of 50 worldwide gateways. Central control from a web-based console ensures consistent security policies and corporate governance.


The gateway features:

  • Internet offload
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Protection
  • URL Filtering
  • Zero day antivirus
  • Malware protection and Botnet detection
  • Policy builder
  • Health report functions
  • Optional log feeds to SIEM
  • Active Directory integration
  • Management and monitoring
Cloud-Based Application Performance Acceleration

Your organization relies on critical applications, like ERP, CRM, email and web-based collaboration, for success. When your business is global, managing application performance is a huge challenge. Arcstar Universal One Application Acceleration allows you to meet the performance demands of branch offices, remote workers and mobile users without installing on-premises equipment.

Arcstar Universal One Cloud-based Application Performance Acceleration uses network function virtualization (NFV) technology to minimize end-user performance problems and reduce costs. It ensures application traffic is optimized to make full use of available network bandwidth and eliminates TCP slow start problems and application chattiness.


Cloud-Based Application Performance Acceleration Benefits

  • 5 to 13X improvement in ERP and CRM applications like Oracle, SAP, Workday and Salesforce.
  • 5 to 17X improvement in email (Microsoft Outlook).
  • 7 to 25X improvement in file sharing applications like Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • 6 to 10X improvement in web-based collaboration applications like Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Office SharePoint.
  • 10 to 25X improvement in backup and storage applications, including IBM, Google, Amazon, HP and Rackspace.
Application Flow Monitoring

Arcstar Universal One Application Flow Monitoring supports your system optimization efforts by monitoring traffic, types of applications and destination IP addresses. With this information, we can help you assess the environment and actively prevent performance degradation.
The service is available in 160 countries worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of your global network traffic.
  • No additional equipment or complicated changes in network structure required.
  • User-friendly web-portal provides monitoring results in the form of graphs and tables.
  • Trend analysis and improvement recommendations.
  • Web reporting.

Use Cases

  • Identify the cause of network load and react instantly to minimize damage.
  • Assessing past and current network load to accurately project future demand. This is useful when planning a global network.
  • Determine why there is no improvement in response time after installing additional lines.
  • Identify a virus-infected terminal that is stressing the network and solve the problem immediately.
  • Assess the current environment when considering network reinforcement.
LAN management

Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your LAN with Arcstar Universal One LAN Management. LAN Management gives you a global, end-to-end managed solution from your LAN to the WAN.

With our consolidated, automated LAN management platform, we manage all of your LAN routers, LAN switches, firewalls, wireless LANs, load balancers, WAN optimizers — WAN Performance Accelerator (WPA) — and more.

LAN management
Arcstar Universal One Virtual

Arcstar Universal One Virtual is a flexible overlay VPN for enterprise users, delivering rapid network connectivity at low-cost. The service is provisioned instantaneously through a web-based portal.


No network setting changes. The Arcstar Universal One Virtual overlay network is applied to existing settings to avoid overlapping IP addresses between each location.
Connect to enterprise networks directly from your mobile device or PC. Arcstar Universal One Virtual uses a dedicated app, eliminating the need for special carrier devices and gateways. Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices supported.


When using our adapter, simply connect it to the internet router at your site. For mobile devices, install the application on your own devices and promptly access enterprise networks or the cloud.
Simple, 24/7 management access through a web-based portal.


A flexible low-cost solution that fits your budget.

Arcstar Universal One Internet VPN

Arcstar Universal One Internet VPN consolidates MPLS and Internet-based networks into a single, end-to-end, managed hybrid network. Corporate network traffic can use the MPLS, Internet VPN or both, simultaneously. For example, restricting critical data, ERP and financial application traffic to MPLS and using Internet VPN for email, web and non-critical data.

Arcstar Universal One Internet VPN

Interconnecting Cloud and Cloud-based Network Services
The Internet VPN hybrid network offers any-to-any communication, enabling you to interconnect multiple sites, including Enterprise Cloud hosted private clouds and third-party cloud services, like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. It also provides seamless connectivity to our cloud-based, software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) enabled network services.

Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networking (DMVPN)
Arcstar Universal One Internet VPN uses Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networking (DMVPN) technology, with globally distributed DMVPN controllers integrated into our MPLS backbone. DMVPN is a tunneling technology that brings flexibility, scalability and discoverability to any-to-any network connections. The technology can be combined with IPSEC encryption for increased security. DMVPN enables you to optimize performance, throughput and latency for any-to-any communication between any site (“site-to-site” traffic).

Arcstar Universal One Internet VPN turns the Internet into a cost-effective network transport. The technology supports any Internet access option, including Internet Service Providers (ISP) that use cost-effective dynamic IP addresses.

Arcstar Universal One Multi-Cloud Connect

Arcstar Universal One Multi-Cloud Connect lets you connect enterprise networks to public cloud services, like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365, without sending network traffic over the public Internet.

Arcstar Universal One Multi-Cloud Connect

Reduce Risk
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, like AWS, Azure and Office 365, offer IT and business users compelling flexibility and agility. However, these solutions are often prohibited due to the high risk of exposing corporate network traffic to Internet-borne threats. Even in situations where access to public cloud services is permitted, application performance at remote offices is often inconsistent due to congestion and lack of traffic prioritization for communications flowing over the Internet.

Arcstar Universal One Multi-Cloud Connect establishes a direct connection from our Arcstar Universal One MPLS network to major cloud IaaS and SaaS providers. This enables enterprise network traffic to bypass the public Internet, avoiding security threats and providing consistently good performance.

Video introduction to Arcstar Universal One

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